IM Shot: $40

Stay one step ahead of sickness and protect your immune system with this quick and effective natural booster.

About this Shot

Need a quick boost to fight off a viral infection like the cold and flu and don’t have time for an Infusion? Get a shot of Engystol to be healthy and strong again. Engystol, the ‘natural flu shot’, is a homeopathic remedy that supports the immune system, also called an ‘immunomodulating’ medication. This shot has been scientifically proven to reduce duration and severity of symptoms of an acute respiratory infection. Engystol is suitable for the entire family with no known contraindications. It is well tolerated and can be combined with other natural and conventional medications.
Since Engystol can also be used to prevent infection, it is the perfect pre-travel shot just before taking off on your next adventure.

When to Use?

  1. At the first onset of viral respiratory infections like the cold and flu.
  2. As a pre-travel precaution.
  3. Perfect for students going away to college and moving into dorm rooms.
  4. Great for those working in clinics, hospitals, schools, and daycares… you get the idea!

What’s in the Immunity Boost?

Engystol® is an immunomodulating medication which has been scientifically proven to significantly reduce the duration and severity of symptoms during an acute viral infection and help protect from subsequent infections.

Procaine is a short acting local anesthetic that is used with some intramuscular injections to help patients more comfortable. Components administered with Procaine (Engystol) contains a higher pH that would cause burning and discomfort without it.

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