Start Your Recovery Without The Fear Of Withdrawal. There Is Hope With The BRIDGE®

The Ken Starr Wellness Group is pleased to offer “The Bridge Device” to help assist our patients with opiate withdrawal. The Bridge Device is a revolutionary small neuromodulator that stays fixed behind the ear for up to 5 days while it sends electrical stimuli to the central nervous system essentially confusing the nervous system and significantly decreasing withdrawal. It acts as a TENS unit for the brain.

This device actually came out a couple of years ago. I thought it was interesting but I wasn’t convinced and it was a little pricey. Since then, several colleagues of mine have used it and attest to its effectiveness. It’s really turned out to be a simple and powerful tool.

Most people describe the feeling of having The Bridge attached as a “warmth” or ” tingling”. Overall, it seems to be very well tolerated. Occasionally a wire may become misplaced or loose but that’s easily fixed.

The device cannot get wet. That can pose a challenge for patients as it needs to stay on for 5 days.

The device in most centers is combined with medications for comfort. However, we combine it with our NAD Therapy program to achieve the smoothest and most tolerable withdrawal experience possible.

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The Ken Starr Wellness Group is absolutely committed to offering the best possible withdrawal experience. Every day I meet with patients who so desperately want to stop taking opiates but the withdrawal just isn’t tolerable. I understand completely. What if you or your loved one could come off opiates comfortably and in just 2 weeks have no withdrawal or cravings? That’s what we can achieve when combining technologies like The Bridge Device with NAD Therapy and Ketamine Therapy.

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