For a limited time, the Ken Starr MD Wellness Group is offering rapid COVID Antibody testing.

One drop of blood and 15 minutes later, we’ll tell you if you’ve had an antibody response to COVID. Meaning you’ll know if you’ve been exposed and if your body has had an adequate immune response to COVID 19. The test is not for active infection. We don’t test if you’re sick. This is answering the question of ” had I had COVID?”. Not ” do I have COVID?”An antibody response may not develop for a week after infection. The test requires preregistration and prepayment: Call to schedule your test today.
Phone Number
(805) 242-1360
Postal Address
107 Nelson St, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
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Rapid COVID Antibody Testing Now Available. 1 Drop of Blood. 15 min Results.