What is NAD+?

NAD+ ( Nicotinamide Riboside Dinucleotide) has been used successfully for acute detoxification since the 1950s. 1 Since Springfield Wellness Center in Louisiana brought attention to the success of IV NAD+ for detoxification in the US. It has since grown exponentially in popularity over the last 10 years for both drug treatment and wellness indications.

NAD + was used in South Africa and Mexico for years and gained a following for its impressive results in assisting in detox for alcohol and opiates, but NAD was eclipsed in this country when methadone was promoted in the 1970s.

Ken Starr MD was one of the early physicians who trained with In Springfield and brought NAD+ to California in 2014. Since then, the clinic has become the longest-running NAD+ clinic on the West Coast and has successfully detoxed hundreds of patients off opiates, benzodiazepines, stimulants, and antidepressants.

NAD Infusions are popular worldwide. The infusions are promoted for wellness, longevity, and offering mental clarity. Currently, the Ken Starr Clinic administers about half of its NAD infusions for general wellness indications like dementia, fatigue, chronic stress, and brain fog.

NAD+ Treatments

NAD+ infusions when given properly, significantly reduce and ease the severity of withdrawal while offering an accelerated restoration of brain chemistry, hence the name“ Brain Restoration” BR+ ™. The Ken Starr MD Wellness Group is a certified and accredited provider of BR+

The brain has to detox to heal. NAD infusions reduce the symptoms of acute withdrawal, relieve cravings, and simply help people feel better a lot faster.

NAD+ infusions are slow and generally take all day depending on the dose. Although some people can get through the infusions faster, we’ve found a better response with slower infusion rates. Infusions vary in length from 3-10 days or even longer depending on the patient and the substance.

Alcohol patients benefit from 3-5 days of treatment. NAD minimizes all alcohol withdrawal symptoms and reduces cravings and relapse. Due to the metabolism of alcohol, all alcohol patients have a significant NAD deficiency.

All of our opiate patients ( heroin, fentanyl, Norco, oxy) need at least 10 days of therapy. It takes a week to start to turn the corner and the last few days offer a significant restoration of brain function. Patients feel calm and don’t have cravings for opiates after the treatment.

NAD+ Testimonial

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