COVID-19 What We’re Doing to Help Our Patients During This Time

As the concern for the coronavirus continues to grow, we want to do our part to inform our patients on what we are doing to help keep you safe and provide continued treatment options during this time.

When Can I get a Vivitrol Shot?

Click here to watch in Youtube Speaker 1: (00:02) [inaudible]. Speaker 2: (00:08) Hey Dr. Ken Starr here, I want to answer the question for you. When can I get Vivitrol? This is important and I’m talking about for opiate dependence, not alcohol use disorder, which is a different topic altogether. You can only get […]

Preparing for Coronavirus | Strengthen your Immune System

You will get Coronavirus. I’m pretty sure of it. I know I will. I work about one day a week in the ER. Every ER doc in this country will get Coronavirus. Just about everyone will do fine. I’m not here to panic you. I just want to share my thoughts about how to improve […]

Can Anxiety Cause Chest Pain?

Here’s a situation many of us are all too familiar with. You work in an office. You’re surrounded by many coworkers whom you interact with daily, and you may be sitting in a packed conference room when suddenly – without warning – the company president asks you a question you weren’t prepared to answer. A […]

Can Chronic Pain Cause PTSD?

Chronic pain and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) have a symbiotic relationship, living in close proximity to one another, often within the mind and body of someone suffering from both. Chronic pain is difficult to diagnose, but some symptoms can be managed effectively with proper treatment. PTSD results after a traumatic event, with the sufferer, often […]

Alcohol Recovery with NAD+ | Brain Restoration Therapy

  View on YouTube   My name is Pam, I am an alcoholic. I’m sober over 60 days right now. And I just wanted to tell you how fabulous my experience has been at Ken Starr and the addiction center. My treatment here has been fabulous. Everybody from reception to counseling to setting up my… […]

10 Day Withdrawal Free Opiate Detox with NAD+

  Click Here to Watch the Video on Youtube     The program is fantastic! I was very skeptical coming into it you know, not knowing too much about it considering I’ve been through traditional detox before for opiate addiction and I am floored by the results! I feel so much better after a 10 […]

How to Help Someone with Depression

How to Help Someone with Depression When someone is dealing with depression they are often not the only ones who are suffering. Trying to help someone who’s depressed is often a frustrating, confusing experience. You want to see them get better, but at the same time, you don’t want to do anything that might make […]

Eat Well and Lose Weight

courtesy of According to the World Health Organization, obesity is a worldwide epidemic, with the number of obese people tripling since the mid-1970s. Unfortunately, having excessive body weight puts you at a much higher risk of certain health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. And there is an undeniable correlation between having a low […]

How Depression Affects Family

Depression is a mood disorder that affects millions of people in the country every year. Its symptoms appear different in nearly every person suffering. It can affect your physical and mental health, and bring great stress upon your interpersonal relationships.

COVID-19 What We’re Doing to Help Our Patients During This Time

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