Ken Starr M.D., FACEP


Board certified in emergency medicine and addiction medicine

Dr. Starr is an authority in the field of Addiction Medicine and Wellness. Since founding the clinic in 2012 after the overdose death of his brother, he has been committed to helping patients achieve lasting sobriety and improve the quality of their lives. Dr. Starr utilizes medications, supplements, traditional and non-traditional therapies that help people overcome chemical dependency and live the lives they know are possible.

His current areas of interest include advancing drug and alcohol detox methods, facilitating long term recovery, IV nutritional programs for optimal health, and Men’s health programs.

Dr. Starr’s passion about NAD therapy has enabled the clinic to become the most experienced provider of NAD treatments on the West Coast. He has introduced nutritional IV Infusions into the practice so all patients can affordably and comfortably work towards their wellness goals.

Dr. Starr is board certified in both Addiction Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He takes a personal and compassionate interest in each of his patients and is easily available for patients and their families at all times.

Dr. Starr is currently on staff at French Hospital in San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande Hospital and Cottage Santa Ynez Valley Hospital in Solvang.  He works with Dignity Health and the County of San Luis Obispo to improve the care of patients who could benefit from Addiction Medicine specialty care.

Kristi Mills, MS, MSW, LCSW


In 1997, Kristi began her own recovery journey and soon thereafter left a career in marketing to
pursue a desire to help others overcome their obstacles and reach their highest potential. She
obtained a Master’s degree in Social Welfare from the University of Kansas in 2000, where she
trained in substance abuse at the prestigious Menninger Clinic in Kansas City. After graduating,
she began a career with the State of California, working with some of the State’s most complex
patients at Atascadero State Hospital and the California Men’s Colony, state prison. One of the
highlights of her career was founding and managing a Dual Diagnosis long-term treatment
program for men in the prison system who had major mental illness or trauma history as well as
severe substance abuse disorders. The program she designed was one of the first to
incorporate a “Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention,” program to its core recovery principles
produceing a dramatic reduction in recidivism.

She brings her experience in teaching mindfulness to the private sector at Ken Starr MD
Wellness, weaving it through the treatment offered along with the latest in Neuroscience to help
the brain recover from addictions of all types. She has most recently completed the Teacher
Training program for Mindful Self Compassion; a practice founded by Kristen Neff and Chris
Germer of the Center for MSC. Mindful Self Compassion is another key element in the unique
treatment offered at Ken Starr MD Wellness, a practice that teaches our patients to treat
themselves as they would a family member or close friend. Both MSC and Mindfulness Based
Relapse Prevention are evidence based programs that have been empirically proven to reduce
rates of substance use and improve general moods.

Kristi has been a fierce advocate for treatment of substance disorders her entire career. She is
excited to meet with you and share her unique insights and skills to help you recover your
authentic self and begin to live your best life.

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